Saturday, August 6, 2016

Auto post wordpress image to Instagram plugin

Hi everybody!
Yesterday, my customer from asked me to create a plugin that allow auto post image from wordpress to Instagram. Whenever he posts a new post with featured image set, it will auto post to Instagram.
I searched on Internet and saw Instagram api doesn't support this. There is no api to post an image via PHP.
Then i searched and got this topic: and then but not work.
I try to search more and get this: and it work very well. Then i integrate it to my wordpress plugin.
You can download it!
If you need advanced feaure pls ping me.
my skype: nhakhtn
my hangout and gmail: nhakhtn

Happy using!

1.0 first version
1.1 fix image ratio issue.


Fredric said...

This is a very useful plugin.

Thank you for providing it free.

Ted Nguyen said...

Thanks Fredric,
I have just updated plugin. pls update it!

ez said...

needs an option to post hash tags aswell or txt =) so cool thanks

Ted Nguyen said...

thanks Ez, i will try. i intend to support png, bmp too.

injun #576871 said...

I bit modified your plugin to display not only the title, but also excerpt and link:

// caption and strip tags from title for modern themes
$caption = wp_strip_all_tags(get_the_title($ID));
$exrpt = apply_filters('the_excerpt', get_post_field('post_excerpt', $ID));
$caption .= $exrpt;
$caption .= get_permalink($ID);

injun #576871 said...


Can you help avoid sending images with each post update?

Ted Nguyen said...

Hi InJun,
I have just updated my plugin, please update.

Nick said...


How can i include description or price? (Posting woocommerce product)

Or make each post follow a specific template?
%Price - With Free Shipping!"

Great plugin!